ISLAM Foundation Course 1 - 4

# Islamic Tuition

Since we are in a world that is constantly evolving, which is mainly characterized by digitization, it is not surprising that the Internet is often used as the first source of information. However, there is the risk that false information is disseminated. In order to counteract this and to ensure an authentic transfer of knowledge, the “Islam Foundation course” has been taking place regularly at the Islamic Centre in Vienna since 2016, which is open to all interested women and men, whether Muslim or not. The aim is to bring the participants closer to basic Islamic knowledge and to immunize them against the propaganda of extremist currents. Participation in this course is a prerequisite for confirming acceptance of Islam.

The course is only in German.

The course is offered every three months and lasts for two days. The three lesson blocks include the beliefs of Islam, acts of worship such as prayer, and also social aspects of belief. Certificates of attendance will be issued after completing the course. 

The respective dates can be found in the following table. The more precise timetable is always published shortly before the event, in principle the course starts at 10 a.m. and ends around 5 p.m. The meeting point is always the library at the Islamic Centre Vienna.