Muslim's Youth Club



Target group of the club are female and male Muslim youth and young adults aged 12 years and older.


The goals of the youth club are:

  1. Promoting the physical and mental development of Muslim youth.
  2. Designing of leisure activities in sports, adventure-oriented and artistic areas.
  3. Teaching of Islamic doctrine and life principles.

To achieve this goal, we want to bring together a variety of skills, ideas and capacities of Muslim youth and make active Islamic knowledge transfer. Within the club, the young people should be given the opportunity to actively help shape and determine the program and future projects by contributing their own ideas, critical feedback and taking on various tasks independently. In this way, not only a peaceful and respectful coexistence should be promoted within the club, but also strengthen the sense of community of the Muslims beyond its borders and serve as a network for overcoming everyday problems.

Profile Offer

The club basically focuses on three main areas:

1. Open work

Meeting of youth in a Muslim environment, offers the opportunity to meet, talk, relax and thus satisfy needs for contact and communication.

The everyday life of youth also includes studying for school, apprenticeship, university and any difficulties connected it. In order to overcome this, the youth should also be supported in forming self-organized learning groups. If necessary, there is also the possibility of organizing homework and tutoring together.

2. Leisure, sports and cultural activities

In addition to open work, a range of leisure activities and projects ideas are to be developed in cooperation with the youth, whereby the focus will be on the interests of the youth themselves. Our aim here is not only to involve the youth in the planning and organization, but also to introduce them to the organization of their own projects on their own responsibility.
Sports and adventure activities satisfy the restricted need for movement and discovery of Muslim youth, strengthen the sense of community and communication with one another and enable important experiences of success and affirmation.

3. Information, Counseling and Mediation of Islamic Teachings and Principles of Life

The youth club is also intended to serve as a place where Islamic teaching is conveyed. The information offer consists of:

  • Weekly teaching program
  • Sohbet-Sessions (roundtables)
  • Workshops
  • Foundation Course in (Islam, Qur’an, Arabic)


Our club would like to draw the Muslim youth attention to the offers of other institutions and thus offer the opportunity to get to know new clubs and people and to communicate with them. By meeting other youth clubs, associations and groups, prejudices between youth can be broken down and respect and tolerance can be promoted.