# Welcome

The Islamic Centre in Vienna provides many services for the Muslims’ community, including family and legal advice, organizing religious celebrations and charitable events, holding religious lessons and others.

The centre pays special attention to youth and children and organizes classes, workshops and various activities for them, taking into account their needs and interests.

The centre is not concerned with Islamic aspects only, but also pays great attention to the exchange of knowledge and experiences as well as the dialogues of cultures and religions, that is imperative to its presence in a diverse society. The centre has effective participation in the community in many projects and programs. There exchange of visits with various institutions and representatives of other religions, with professors of universities and higher institutes, with representatives of the press and media, as well as representatives of the Austrian government and the Vienna municipality.

The centre offers platforms for asking various questions about religion, either directly individually or through introductory tours that the centre offers free of charge. There are between ten thousand to twenty thousand people participating annually in these tours. These meetings contribute to amending negative thoughts and correcting misconceptions about Muslims and the Islamic religion in general.

The main services of the Islamic Center consist of:

  • Provision of prayer times.
  • Islam-acceptance and support of new Muslims.
  • General islamic advice.
  • Islamic classes for adults and children.
  • Provision and distribution of Islamic literature.
  • Organization of Islamic celebrations.
  • Marriage and issuing of marriage certificates.
  • Divorce advice and issuing of divorce certificates.
  • Mosque guided Tours.
  • Hall rental.