Visiting the Mosque

# The Mosque

You are very welcome to visit the mosque.

Guidelines when visiting the mosque

You are warmly welcome as a guest in the mosque. Perhaps this is your first visit to a mosque and you are wondering, "What should I consider when visiting a mosque like this?" We have put together some information for you to answer the most frequently asked questions.

What is a mosque?

The mosque is a house of worship and a place of prayer for Muslims. It is also a meeting place for the community, where lessons and discussions take place and social events are celebrated together. The main ritual services held in the mosque include the five daily prayers, the Friday prayer and the festive prayers.

At the entrance to the mosque. What's next?

Welcome come in! Please take off your shoes before entering the prayer room and place them on the shoe rack. The reason for this is the carpeting on which Muslims offer their prayers and whose purity and cleanliness must be guaranteed for this purpose.

How should I prepare for a mosque visit?

Headscarves are provided for women in some mosques. It would be nice if you were dressed appropriately as a woman, i.e. at least your upper arms and legs covered up to below the knees and ideally also a hat. Of course, men are also expected not to come to the mosque in "beach clothes". It is not common for men and women to shake hands.

What to watch out for in the mosque

As mentioned above, the mosque is mainly a place of prayer for Muslims. Therefore one should not disturb people praying or reading the Qur'an, e.g. by talking too loudly or standing in front of them during prayer or walking past them.

What are our goals?

  • Show and explain Islamic architectural art.
  • To present Muslims life in everyday life.
  • Getting to know each other.
  • Break down prejudices and discover common ground.
  • Increase in mutual respect.
  • Answer questions (including critical ones) about Islam authentically.
  • Enable a change of perspective.
  • Promote dialogues and friendships.

Of course, all your questions are very welcome!