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Our IZW App is our flagship prayer times App with Azan alert, iqamah time notifications and more. We also have 2 other prayer time Web Apps, one being a Backup Web App for our prayer times with iqamah times and no Azan alert; the other one is our prayer times Web App for other cities around Austria without iqamah times and no Azan alert.


To build a good app from scratch, you need many critical things and two of them are time and money. We wanted an App yesterday, so to speak! Good solid, stable apps today can cost from about 5K to 100 times that depending on the requirements and purpose of the App, but realistically we were looking at around 25K+ minimum for our own functional Mosque App.

This turned into a huge financial challenge but it would also turn into a huge operational headache because it meant having to host and manage the app ourselves on a remote cloud server, with enough bandwidth scale to withstand the IO traffic volumes as well as the coding, security concerns, support and maintenance of the entire app server backend and that is ... NOT cheap! ... So we wanted to go for a solution that would take on the entire backend responsibility for us, while we only needed to worry about our frontend UI design & layout, and so we went with a World-Class Masjid digital solutions provider called MASJIDBOX, a relatively new Muslim startup company based in France, that provided us with a very user friendly backend and basic frontend UI dashboard. This would help start shaping our new digital face on the IZW-App. We also grew a close working relationship with MASJIDBOX in contributing to  feature/functionality ideas and also became an incognito app bug/use tester too.

Alhamdulillah, we launched the IZW-App on the 26th February 2021, as the need to more efficiently communicate with the Muslim community in Vienna became critical, providing our unique digital-face experience of a purpose built Mosque app, that could present prayer times, upcoming and important events, vital notices/announcements, selected audio/visual content in a way that we did not imagine before. The feedback was very positive on the App Store and Play Store reviews (4.8*/5.0) Alhamdulillah! 🤲 

Subhan'Allah, we were able to deploy the IZW-App just before the global COVID19 pandemic which meant that alerts and vital important information could be/was shared to the 1000s in that time of great challenges. Alhamdulillah! 🤲 

The IZW-App was one of the most successful digital visual content deployment projects of the IZW-Technik - Multimedia & Web Office. We still celebrate everyday and thank Allah for what it has become and what it continues to be as we move forward in this digital, hyperconnected age, Insha'Allah! 🤲 



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04.01.2023 - Planned Backend Maintenance - Complete

02.01.2023 - White Screen - Fixed